"We have had our doors open for over 30 years because we care about our customers."

Bob Petroff


Automotive and Truck Repair

We repair brakes, air conditioning, clutches, shocks and struts, fuel injection, front end repair, tune ups, computer diagnostics, timing belts, c-v shafts, starters & alternators, exhaust, used engines, and engine rebuilding & exchanging.

We have been family owned & operated since 1980.  


Auto and Truck Repair

Established in 1981 by Bob’s father Harry, B&B Auto Repair in Bozeman remains committed to the values and ideas of small business owners.  Bob can often be found layingunderneath a
customers vehicle off site with his wife, Michelle, standing nearby, phone in hand, ordering parts before the vehicle even arrives at the shop.  Bob believes

Contact Us

CALL 406.587.5306 to speak with Bob or Michelle about an appointment.

Mailing Address and Directions

107 Commercial Drive, Bozeman MT

Turn left between the Panda and Ziggy’s on the way to Bridger Bowl.  Then, turn left at the T and first right between the buildings to the office.

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Gallatin Speedway 2011

This summer Robert Petroff and his father Bob teamed up to race Street Stock at Gallatin...

B&B at Gallatin Speedway

B&B Auto Repair of Bozeman Montana. Driver, Mike Haynes. September 2011.